I dreamed of a life full of big adventures –  fun – experiences – success – peace and freedom! As a little girl,  my Mom was my biggest inspiration. Because she always told and also taught me that „Where there’s a will there’s a way“. With a lot of dedication, humbleness, hard works and most importantly an inspiring person – my beloved mother- Im able to  live my life as I dreamed. It sounds cliche, but

live – laugh and love. ♥

Im writing my blog to share my everyday life, experiences, photography and passion for adventure in the hopes that it will inspire you to get out there and live your life as you dreamed.

So let me introduce myself: I’m Kimberly! Also called Kim or Kimi ♥


I’m 26. I’m a Filipina ♥  but I grew up in Germany. Well, my family and I moved to Germany when I was nine or ten. Im a good daughter, a big sister, a wife and a true friend. I really care about my family, my hubby, my friends & the people I love. I love my MOM & my brother and my hubby more than everything. The 7th of March 2013 is the worst day ever in my life – when my beloved mother died! I’m nothing without my Mom and ain’t no woman alive that can take my Mom’s place! Somebody told me „time heals all wounds and time is a great healer“ – BUT nothing and nobody in this world could ever heal this wound! Life is so unfair!

Im classy, crazy, funny, loud and I love to laugh  – most of the time at silly & stupid shit – IMG_7223but that’s ME. Im a storyteller and sometimes I talk too much – once i started I won’t stop – hahahaha! Im helpful and I really like to help and to make people happy but please don’t come up to me with all that drama & nonsense! I speak my mind, think my own thoughts &  do things my way. I live my life my way & sometimes Im bossy, but I am who I am. Im honest and I only trust a select few. I don’t like fake ass bitches, 2 faced people, haters, whores and liars. I don’t care what people think about me and if you don’t like me, I don’t care because with the right person you don’t have to work so hard to be happy and accepted, it just happens – effortlessly! I hate unthankful people. I always take time to be thankful for everything that I have, you can always have more,  BUT you could also have less. I have done good, I have done bad. I also go without make-up. Im random. I don’t pretend to be someone Im not. I won’t change just to fit in! I make no apologies for the way I am. I like to reading books and writing blogs.

IMG_6064Im a MINI lover. I love shoes,  dark red lipsticks, diamonds and my favorite dish is my Mom’s „Sinigang“– a filipino stew –  and „Chicken Adobo“ – of course a filipino dish – hahaha who would have thought it?! I love strawberries. I love summer, sun, beach, tank tops and cocktails! My favorite color is red and blue. I prefer colorful things than plain color. I love Burberry. I love to read, cook, party and I love shopping – my brother and my husband said, if shopping would be a form of sport, I could be a „shopping-three-time-wolrd-champion“ bwahahahah! Im a world traveller. Oh yes I do love traveling. I wish I could travel everyday and visit every place on earth.  I hate to travel with people who is scared to lose their „Mestiza look“. It’s so annoying when someone I’m with in the trip gets too conscious with how ‚dark‘ they would look after the trip instead of enjoying the trip.


I love my job! „The only way to do great work is to love what you do!“! As a student my favorite subject was mathematics and science! I hated PE and sports at school hahaha. I currently work in a big IT Company.

While people are scared ofIMG_1847 life-changing decision, I like making a big life change, because you know what’s even scarier? REGRET! I love challenges and i laugh without fear of the future 🙂

My favorite pet is dog,  hippo and rhino! Yes, hippo and rhino hahahaha. I have a little dog and his name is Kimbo!  Kimbo is a havanese and he was born on 20th of 2013. Kimbo is a little lump hobbledehoy hahaha and I really love him.

I’ve been in more than 20 different countries.IMG_3149 Thailand is my favorite county in Asia. I
love Thailand, the culture, the people and their style of life. Berlin is my favorite city in Europe and Italy my favorite country in Europe. I haven’t been everywhere but its on my  list. Im an SSI Open Water Diver. I love the underwater world. Diving is so relaxing. You can only hear your own breath and you forget all your stress and burden.


I hope you enjoyed reading my little „about me“! If you have questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment! 🙂 You’ve read a lot of things about me, but you still don’t know  me – the girl behind this „about-me“ blog!