No plans for the Philippines! OMG :O

Only few weeks till my trip to Philippines yaaaaay! Is it true, that I haven’t booked any tours in advance?Β OMG what are my travelling plans? Where to go? Warnings in the Philippines from the German government? OMG

Phi Phi Island

Of course it was on my “when in Thailand”-bucket list πŸ™‚ The Phi Phi Islands, a paradise on earth! The Phi Phi Island are an island group and it belongs to the province Krabi. Phi Phi Islands is so famous because of the hollywood movie “The Beach”, a must do for Thailand travellers!

Is finding a life balance something that I struggle with?

The most people think having a life balance means, a little bit of work, a little bit time for Β own social life and and a little bit time for yourself. In my opinion there is no correct definition of a life-balance. Personally, I think that only you can define your own life-balance. It is different…

Is Thailand expensive?

After two weeks my vacation is almost done. So I take a time to tell you about the hotel, our flight and the trips we made. So first of all, I love Thailand so much. How I wish to stay longer. But unfortunately, as you know me, Im a bit workaholic and my job is…

Thai Streetfood

Today Ive been in a local market here in Kamala in Phuket. Ive been there at 06:30 pm so it wasnt so cworded. It was very cool and it smells so good! Hahahaha. Different spices, from very light till very bad smells hahahaha. There were a lot of typical Thai foods. And also fruits and…