Subic, Matnog – Bicol‘s white beach!

White beach, crystal clear water, unspoilt island and amazing underwater world: Subic, Matnog ❤

It should be noticed here that the pictures are UNfiltered and NOT edited. Im saying that, so you know that the beauty of this island is truly impressive. I took the pictures with my DJI PHANTOM 4 drone at a height of 100m – ©K.Dacian.

So during my last vacay in the Philippines, I’ve visited one of Bicol’s most beautiful islands.

I travelled from Naga City to Matnog Port together with Joch and Kevin. It took us 5 – 6 hours drive from Naga City. We drove by ourselves, so unfortunately I can’t tell you how much it would cost if you would travel by bus or public vans. From the port to Subic Island (Matnog) it takes another 30 minutes by boat (Bangka).

We stayed two nights at Holy Trinity Beach Resort. We booked a package for three pax, 12,500.00 PHP. The package included:

  • Hotel Accomodation with pool
  • Boat (Roundtrip)
  • Island Hopping (Tikling Island, little subic, Juag Lagoon, Calintaan Cave)
  • Only Breakfast
  • Kayak 1hour
  • Cottage

So when we arrived at the Port, we met our tour guide. It’s very important to know, that at the island resort there is NO restaurants or any shops. You need to bring your own foods and drinks for your whole stay. So we bought fresh foods at the wet market and somebody cooked it for us at the resort for free. For the three of us, we spent about 1.000,00 PHP for drinks and foods. We only bought rice, fruits, vegetables and a lot seafoods hahaha and it was really really fresh and cheap. And sooooo good.


On our way to the resort, we already did the Island hopping. The first stop was at Tikling Island. It’s literally an unspoilt island. There is no resorts, no houses, not even electricity. The white beach was amazing. The water was so clear and calm. A paradise!

After Tikling Island, we visited Juan Lagoon (Fish Sanctuary). We paid 150,00 PHP. It was a great experience! It was like an open aquarium hahahaha. After that, we went to Calintaan cave. You need to swim into the cave and it’s only possible during low tide. If it’s high tide, you should be a very very good swimmer 🙂 Unfortunately I couldnt take a picture because my Go Pro was low bat waaah.

After the island hopping we arrived at Subic Island around 02pm. The Island hopping was pretty quick, because the destinations were very close to eachother.

Subic Island is a paradise. There is only three small resorts and thats it. The water is crystal clear. It was off season so it was really quiet. We were only two groups at this time. We had the entire island for us hahaha. Though it was the “Habagat Season” there were no waves. And the underwaterworld was great. In front of the resort you can go for snorkling, but bring your own equipment. If you are an experienced licensed open water diver like us, you should definitely go diving. But you need to bring all your own diving equipment.

Regarding our resort….. I was really disapointed about the accomodation. Our room was in a really really bad state. I didnt expect a totally luxury resort, but at least it should be clean. The bathroom was soooo dirty and really disgusting. We were three pax and the resort gave us only one towel. I mean, seriously, one towel for three pax?! Even though it was only a simple resort, it should be clean. Anyways, the island was really great, though the room at the resort was annoying. I would not recommend the “Holy Trinity Beach Resort”. You should try the other resorts! It is cheaper if you travel with a bigger group. The more the merrier the cheaper! HAHAHAHA.

Also in our opinion, one night stay would be enough. If you want a quiet beach, then you should definitely visit those islands. Our guide said, during the peek season it’s really busy but not that much. If you are planning to visit this place, plan and book it early enough during the summer days. Though the resort was horrible, the island is worth it.

xoxo K.Dacian 💋

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