Fall in love with fall ❤️

Summer is coming to an end and fall is coming. Leafs are getting gold, rustle of crisp leaves blown along the streets, halloween, pumpkins, apples, golden October and cinnamon scent everywhere. Wearing scarves, boots, sweaters and coat. And most of all, the awesome colour of fall.

I’am falling in love with fall ❤️

No doubt, my summer was great and it’s coming to an end, but I’m also looking forward to enjoy the fall season. I know it will be windy, rainy, gloomy and cold. Actually, I’m not sad about it, that summer is over, wouldn’t it be boring only having one season? Instead of complaining about the weather, I’m excited about so many little things during fall.

The beautiful colour of leaves are so romantic! I can’t wait having a walk with my family through the nature parks with rustle of the leaves on the streets. Especially in October, the golden October. The lovely smell of nature, cold breeze and a snutch of sunshine. I’m so excited to wear all my cozy sweaters and scarves. Also my favorite boots with a jeans or skirt with a patterned tights. And the season is perfect for outdoor photography if you love the warm colours.

Coming home and drinking a tea after having a long walk or just being outside is one of those little things I look forward to. I love different teas, but tea in summer? I don’t like it at all. Tea during autumn weather? Perfect! It’s a great feeling. Besides from that, almost every house along the streets has a pumpkin decorations with lamps and candles. It’s beautiful! And because the temperature is not hot anymore, I can also put candles inside the house. Ooooh I’m so excited to the cinnamon  scented candles. It is also more cozy and cuddly reading books during fall, kissing and cuddling with my loved ones, watching movies and chilling on the couch with a cuddly blanket. O M G bring it on fall, bring it on hahahaha.


As you see, I am really looking forward to fall season. Most of people only sees the negative side of autumn. They are so focused on those negative side of autumn that they can’t see the beautiful part of it. I hope that with this blog I could inspire you to enjoy the coming fall season. 🙂


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