Is finding a life balance something that I struggle with?

The most people think having a life balance means, a little bit of work, a little bit time for  own social life and and a little bit time for yourself. In my opinion there is no correct definition of a life-balance. Personally, I think that only you can define your own life-balance. It is different for each of us because we all have different aims in life, stage of life,  priorities and most of all, different lives. For example a single person will have different perception of a life balance compared to someone who is married. When I think about life balance I ask myself, “what is important in my life?” “what do I want to achieve in my life?” .

Family, health, career, and self. My life balance is made up of those values. For me, having a life balance doesn’t mean to always have an equal balance between those values, but rather to be happy and satisfied in each of my life balance’ value. Of course you cannot always be happy, life keeps going up and down. And how do I make it work? With achievement and enjoyment. In my opinion you can’t have one without the other one, pretty much as you can’t have a coin with only one side. I am satisfied and happy when I achieve and enjoy something for my four life quadrants: Family, health, career and self.

As I am always busy and the fact that I spend a lot of time on the road, a lot of people think that finding a life balance is something that I struggle with. I can understand their opinion. But as we said above, a life balance is different for each of us. Let me try to explain you my definition of life balance.

First of all, to be able to take care of my family, my career, I need to be healthy.  So that I am healthy I need to care of myself and I need to do something for my health. If I am not healthy I won’t be able to achieve my goals and to enjoy life. I work a lot and I really like my job, but that doesn’t automatically mean that Im selfish and most of all it doesn’t mean that I neglected my family or my health. Far from it!!!! I’ve achieved the profession that I dreamed of, I’ve got the job that I want and I enjoy my work. And because of my success, my family is stable. Even though I work a lot, I still can find a balance between my job and my family. For example, I work from Monday to Friday. And with “work” I don’t only mean being in my office, it includes to clean my house, make the laundry, to help Kevin with his schoolworks, to put all appointments for example doctor’s appointment between Monday and Friday. BUT on the weekend which start from Friday afternoon till Sunday, my time goes to my family, such as relaxing, outings, sport activities, visiting friends or whatever our heart desires hahahaha.  What I’m trying to say is, that you don’t need to schedule an equal number of hours for your job, your family, your health and your self to have a balance. That is unsatisfying and for sure not realistic. And that is not a balance I want to strive. I want to achieved goals to enjoy the benefit of it. When I achieve and enjoy something every single day for my four life quadrant family, career, health, and self, I am satisfied and I am happy.

Even though for me a life balance doesn’t mean an equal balance, for a happy and satisfied life, I never neglect one of my four life quadrant: family, career, health and self. My own attitude of a happy and satisfied life is, that life is like a chair with four legs. If one of its legs get broken, the chair falls over. Thats why I always take care of all four legs: family, career, health and self.  ❤

To answer your question, if finding a life balance is a struggle for me,… No it’s absolutely not a struggle!

And before you worry about my life balance or others life balance, ask yourself first, when was the last time you achieved and enjoyed something in your career path? Or did you lately achieve and enjoy something with your family and friends? And what about yourself? Did you achieve and enjoy something for yourself?

xoxo K.Dacian 💋


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