Thai Massage 

This is my third day in Phuket. I havent blog a lot now, coz till now I didnt leave Kamala Beach hahaha. We just wanted to relax first and promise, ill show you more from Thailands biggest island.

Since we are talking about relaxing and Ive been a huge massage fan 😆 so I decided to try the traditional Thai massage 😊 I found it a lot more therapeutic than standard massage. Though, it was really great. It does involve some pain, but if you have any issues like tight back or neck muscles or leg tightness, it works wonders. And it is absolutely relaxing and like I said, also a bit painful hahahahaha but definitely great!

There’s a lot stands on the beach, but you have no privacy there! Its an open tent with some beach chairs and thats it! So I prefered to had the massage in our resort 🙈 Its not that Im picky but I wanted a bit privacy 😆 I even check the prices in our resort compared to the massage stand at the beach. It wasnt cheaper outside the resort!

The thai massage at the resort was 1 hour and it cost me 300 Baht. Its about 8-9€ ! It is very cheap compared to massage in Germany 😂 I also had a pedicure with foot scrub. That was about 600 Baht. So I had like three hours treatment and I only paid 900 Baht. Thats 24-27€ 😆 Normally in Germany that would cost probably at least 90-100€ 🙈

I just wanted to relax first and adjust to the weather and time lag. But tomorrow our diving lessons will start and Im freaking excited. Of course I want to see more from Phuket, so after our diving we will explore Phuket! 😆

Stay tunned! xoxo K.Dacian

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