First Blog…

Hello Peeps! Yeah sooo, here’s my first blog after my new website πŸ˜† My blog isnt busy yet, but I will keep it updated.

Why a new website? Well, I tried to keep my old blogging website. But while I was changing the design and structure, it ruined my old website hahaha Everything was a mess! I couldnt reset any settings I’ve done. Hahahaha! Oh Kim, what did you doooo? I was so frustrated and desperate, that I decided to get a new website πŸ™‚ So here we are and thanks for visiting my new bloging website!

Why a new logo? Since I wanted a new design of my website, I also decided to get a new logo. But why oh why? Hahaha! Well, if you still can remember, my first and old logo was big, awesome and kinda dramatic. After a long time, it was too dramatic actually. I wanted something simple and cute. So I designed and created my new logo by myself πŸ™‚

What will be different compared to my old blog? Design, logo, structure, just everything.Β Hmmm,… You might well ask πŸ™‚ I want my new blog as simple as my design and logo. It should be simple but very authentic 😍 I will not only blog about travelling but also about this and that. And hopefully you will like it!

Follow me on Insta!? Yes! You can also follow me now on Insta. K.Dacian is also in Instagram now. Im late signing up in Insta, but yeah better late than never! πŸ˜… It would be great if you also follow me there. πŸ’‹

What will be my next “big” topics in my blog? I bought new toys. 😍 And I will blog about it soon. I have a new drooone and new action cam! Yeeeeees. Im so excited about it too. Cant wait to tell you more. What else? This year Ive planned two big south east adventures. My two highlights are that during my first trip I will get my PADI Open Water diving license aaaaand in my second trip, I will do a charitable project! And my second trip is six weeks long 😍 So yeah, it will be exciting, πŸ’― so stay tuned! Stay tuned! Also I have project ME@2.0 and it is a whole year project πŸ˜† Ill tell you more in my next blog, stay tuned stay tuned!

xoxo K.Dacian πŸ’‹

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